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Happy Valentines day Best Quotes 2016

Happy Valentines day Best Quotes 2016  : Valentine day 2015 will be celebrated on Tuesday 14 Feb 2016, it's celebrated every year around the world.We are providing you the best Valentines day quotes  You can easily share these valentines day best quotes with your friends and lovers

Valentines day quotes
Valentines day quotes 

Happy Valentines day Best Quotes 2016 

48+2 Members can sit in a Bus.
5+1 can sit in a Car.
3+1 can sit in a auto
1+1 can sit in a Bike.
Only 1 can sit in my Heart,
That's 'U' My dear valentine

To Give Pleasure To
A Single Heart By A
Single Act Is Better
Than A Thousand
Heads Bowing In Prayer

*If You Are In Love:
-Get The Best Of It
-Forget The Bad Things
-Enjoy It Because Nothing Lasts Forever
*If You Just Broke Up:
-Never Cry! Remember That You Were Happy
-Never Stay Alone! Your Frinds Are There
-Hug More People
-Stop Listening To Music! It Only Make Things Worse..
*If You Are Single & Alone:
-Play, Play 'n Play! Noone Can Blame You
-Enjoy Every Opportunity
-Never Stop Lookin For Someone..!

Funny Valentine’s day greetings and wishes
I‘m only in this for your cute butt. Obviously. Happy Valentine‘s day.
I love you just the way I am
A real confession: You mean so much more to me than my new iPhone!
I do not need a photograph to remember you, because you are always on my mind.
Darling, will you be my player number 2?
To be happy with a man you have to understand him a lot and love me a little. While with the women it‘s vice versa: love them a lot and don‘t even try to understand them. Happy Valentine’s day!

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